TheNecronomi.Com is an (almost) weekly podcast analyzing horror films as social commentary. Alongside their guests, author/historian Don Guillory and author James Sabata discuss how films reflect societal concerns, both at the time they were made and today.

Guests have included writers, directors, producers, authors, editors, film critics, readers, and friends who just love movies.

You can find wherever you listen to podcasts.

Fright-Rags is a New York-based company that sells horror apparel and accessories. They offer a variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and collectibles, for creature features, slasher films, and cult classics. Fright-Rags has been officially licensed since 2003.

Shortwave Publishing offers a selection of original books, zines, and online stories with a focus on dark and speculative genre fiction.

Their mission, above all else, is to work on interesting projects with interesting people and they believe passionately in the authors and the work they publish. 

Shortwave was founded in 2022 by Alan Lastufka, who runs the press and manages daily operations.

Co-Host of, Donald R. Guillory the author of The Token Black Guide, which discusses and examines experiences and perspectives (historical and personal) on race in America. 

He is the author of Bastards of the Bayou and Magnolia Lane, fictional works that blend History and Horror. 

He and his daughter co-wrote Abyss of Nightmares Vol 1, a collection of short stories.

In February 2020, Don presented a TEDx Talk at the University of Mississippi entitled "The Importance of the Narrative."


Brazen Folk Horror is the publishing imprint of Ruthann Jagge and Natasha Sinclair, who write collaboratively from Texas and Scotland.

Delevan House” is book one of “The Delevan Trilogy,” an original and expansive story firmly rooted in Scottish folklore and mythology. It’s been well-received and called a “contemporary Gothic classic.” “The Delevan Diaries” and “The Serpent and the Crow” will complete the trilogy in 2024.

They also publish a quarterly newsletter magazine; the signup is on their site. 

Their work will feature at the upcoming Worldcon in Glasgow, Scotland, in August 2024, and it will be the first time they are together in person after working as a team for several years. 


Undertaker Books was founded in 2024 on the principles of integrity, professionalism, honesty, and transparency. It is a collaboration of D.L. Winchester, Cyan LeBlanc, and Rebecca Cuthbert. Our mission is to provide publishing services to authors worldwide, spotlighting new and unique voices within the realm of horror fiction. 

Our passion lies in creating long-lasting partnerships with authors by focusing on the "less is more" concept: quality releases, not the quantity of them. Undertaker Books is not limited to any specific theme or subgenre. Instead, we are dedicated to innovative storytelling and embracing the myriad voices that contribute to horror literature. To our readers, we hope to bring you stories you'll take to your grave.

Founded in 2012, AEA Press, along with its imprints, strives to create beautiful and lasting works of art, with a strong focus on speculative genre fiction and niche non-fiction. Working on a hybrid methodology that combines modern techniques with classic sensibilities, AEA Press is always striving to improve and add to the culture of books and entertainment. They offer a wide array of products, including print books, ebooks, audio productions, and more.

Tenebrous Press aims to drag the malleable horror genre into newer, weirder territory with stories that are provocative, intelligent, and terrifying, delivered by voices diverse & unsung.

We welcome the esoteric; the unorthodox; the Weirdest of NEW WEIRD HORROR.

Hail the Inferno.

Hail the 10p Cult.

Specializing in vintage and otherwise hard-to-find items, the Traveling Museum (fitted in a 1978 Ford Econoline) ventures out into the world, providing a fun and entertaining shopping experience, offering Personally Curated Exhibits for any occasion.

The museum recently opened the Traveling Museum Annex, a permanent location in Benicia, CA where guests can enjoy exhibitions and vintage offerings at their leisure 

The Traveling Museum Foundation provides clothing completely free of charge to local Bay Area non-profits that serve low-income areas and families with special needs. Clothing donations are always accepted.

The Traveling Museum - Instagram

The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association (The HSPPA) is a not-for-profit museum of screen-used & production-made props, costumes, and film relics that focus on the Horror & Science Fiction genres. The HSPPA champions the collection and preservation of some of the most incredible screenused props in film history, bringing them out from behind closed doors for the fans to experience up close and promoting prop conservation so these artifacts can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Voted San Diego’s Best Fish & Chips


The menu items are made from scratch in the British Comfort Food Style found in most establishments across the isles.

The authentic Fish And Chips are a favorite amongst the locals & have won numerous awards over the years