A Charity Horror Anthology

Edited By:
Vincent V. Cava
James Sabata
Jared Sage

Brought to you by SHORTWAVE PUBLISHING, The Spirited Giving Anthology, SHADOWS IN THE STACKS will feature short stories from twenty-one authors, playing heavily into the themes of the Books Unbanned Initiative

Some deal straight on with political issues like bodily autonomy, gun violence, the mental and physical repercussions of trauma, Others look at things like medical expenses or the housing market. Others take fun looks at religion, the effects of screen time for children, and even obsessions with a favorite author. 

Profits will benefit The Books Unbanned Initiative through the Library Foundation SD.


Nathan Ballingrud’s Hunting Horror Recs
Clay McLeod Chapman


Immaculate Deception

Lucy Leitner


Satanic Panic: On Ice!

William Sterling


Doom Scroll

James Sabata


Jamie Flanagan


Long, White, and Wriggling

Kel Byron


By This Phantom Hand

Zachary Ashford


Deface the Music

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro


The Unburied Box

Kevin David Anderson


Blunt Force Trauma

S.A. Bradley


We All Go Through Changes

Jonathan Maberry

Atmospheres of Pressure

Alexis Dubon


Burlesque! Albanqua Proudly Presents Parsippany Phoenix and the Dance of the Seven Veils 

(Sponsored by Frank Crown Buick)
Bridget D. Brave

Benchman Financials’ Debt Relief Program

Vincent V. Cava

In Every Dream Home A Heartache
Tim McGregor


Box Full of Strange

Evelyn Freeling

Las Envies
John Palisano

Unnecessary Necromancy

J.A.W. McCarthy


The Taste of Other People’s Teeth

Rebecca Cuthbert


When They Come For You
Douglas Ford

A House of One’s Own

Ai Jiang

Foreword by Laurel Hightower